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Absolutely Prepared™

Absolutely Prepared™ is  an educational organization specializing in general preparedness training – covering a broad range of topics including emergency preparedness, health, home security, personal protection, and wilderness essentials and survival.

At the core of the Absolutely Prepared philosophy is the belief that having the equipment (tangible), experience (practice, wisdom), and education (know-how) are what’s needed to be sufficiently prepared.

Equipment or being equipped includes material items (gear).  Experience offers familiarity and competence in performing tasks and making reasonable judgements.  Education is the know-how foundation on which equipment requirements and experience can be guided and realized.

To be “absolutely” prepared is to do everything within your means to ready yourself to maintain your well-being.  It’s understood that it’s impossible to know and have everything.  But surely one can be absolutely prepared to start a campfire.  There are exceptions, but insomuch as it’s possible, being absolutely prepared is a worthy goal that can be met in many cases.  At the very least, it’s unwise to intentionally ignore this objective.

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